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Should funerals be planned?

We all know that it is better to act today to prepare for tomorrow. Most of us proceed in this manner when dealing with issues such as health, retirement or our finances. However, we often avoid discussing planning our own funeral or the funeral of a loved one. Funeral planning has never been so easy. Our funeral directors can help you ensure that your funeral will proceed as you wish. We can spare your relatives the burden of making difficult decisions during these times of mourning.

Funerals are an event that occurs only once in a person's lifetime. They deserve to be distinguished in an enduring manner.

Meeting with a funeral director to complete funeral prearrangements is simply a matter of knowing the different options and prepaying for services, funeral merchandise and expenses, as applicable. A range of payment methods is proposed, from a single payment of the total to easy monthly payments which you can spread out as you wish.

Funds paid to Lamarre & Son Funeral Home after signing a funeral services prearrangement contract will be deposited into a trust account and held until the contract beneficiary dies, as required by the Funeral, Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002. This trust account is overseen by Guaranteed Funeral Deposits of Canada, which is an independent organisation that manages, invests and reports on funds for funeral services prearrangement contracts of Canadian consumers. Interest revenue is accumulated with the capital in trust to cover funeral expenses at death. This interest should not be declared and is only taxable if the funds held in trust are withdrawn to settle expenses other than funeral expenses.

Funds paid for prearranged funeral services are protected by a compensatory fund to which all Ontario funeral homes contribute. This fund is administered by the Board of Funeral Services, an Ontario regulatory body.

Please note that the amount that you have paid for your funeral services prearrangements plus accumulated interest, less administrative fees prescribed by law, may be reimbursed to you on request.

More and more people make the decision to complete their funeral arrangements ahead of time. Several reasons explain this fact. Here are the results of a recent poll showing the main reasons why people decide to complete these arrangements:
  • Ensuring that their last wishes with regards to the funeral are known;
  • Reducing the level of distress among family members and friends at this difficult time;
  • Savings and reducing tax;
  • Showing relatives that they care for them;
  • Sparing relatives a tax burden at death.

When you complete your funeral arrangements in advance, it is advisable to discuss them with your relatives and executor so that everyone knows your wishes. This will minimize any potential for ambiguity or conflict after your death.

To get all the information, options and an estimate of funeral service prearrangement costs, please contact a funeral director at our funeral home by telephone or email. If you wish, we can meet you at the funeral home, in the comfort of your own home or elsewhere, with no obligation.

The brochures below are available at the Lamarre & Son Funeral Home, just ask.

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Also, when you complete your funeral prearrangements, we will give you a booklet titled "To Make it Easier", which can be your personal information record about your estate. This tool helps to organize information related to your estate.


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