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Grief is defined as a profound sadness following the death of a loved one. This sadness persists and is endured differently from one bereaved person to another. You will find below links to articles or passages from some books about grief, published on the net. In addition, community resources are listed below for you. Finally, there is a link for you, listing publications on grief. We have gathered together these resources which seem relevant and appear to answer many questions that bereaved persons have. Please feel free to read them if you wish and send us your comments and suggestions of other links as appropriate. Please note that we are not the authors of the texts which you will find through these links, and that we do not benefit from these books that you can acquire through these links and that we are not connected to the community resources listed below.

The brochures below are available at the Lamarre & Son Funeral Home, just ask.
  • Helping Children Understand Death
  • Should Children Know about Death?
  • Saying Goodbye
  • Bye Be… I love You
  • Living Through Grief


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