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How to send online condolences

We understand that it is not always possible to travel in person to the funeral home or place where the ceremony will take place to go and offer condolences to the family. Through this service you can inform the bereaved family that your thoughts are with them. You can send your condolences online.

To do this, simply select "Offer condolences" on the page where you find a death notice/obituary, and complete the online form that will appear on a new page that opens. Your condolence message/expression may be read by everyone on the site if you decide to make it public. We will print a copy of the message received by email to give to the family if you decide to keep it private. It's up to you to decide if want to make it inaccessible to everyone and only known to the family.

To find a death notice/obituary, please use this link.


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